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      This lady is amazing l spoke with her last Thursday and she was telling me things about my dad and uncle who have passed on say they were with her and told me they are looking out for me and not to worry about my marriage ending, as there will find me someone better l asked when and she told me she is dark haired and what color car she drove well she said it would be white but this weekend l meet the woman of my dreams dark haired but she has a silver car and that to me is close enough this lady has never seen me and we talked on one so she had no clue's what so ever about me and my passed so get in touch with her if you really want to know what's is store

~ Phil

      I happened to chat with Joanne online and she surprised me with her ability to see things that she had absolutely no way of knowing. Over an online chat she spoke about my past relationship - and gave me an insight into what happened. She also mentioned something interesting - that I was going to meet someone and she gave me a description of the person. I didn't give it much thought honestly but a week later I met an amazing person who fitted the description she gave me.
I would recommend her to anyone. She is a wonderful person and helps others with her gift freely. Thank you Joanne!

~ Anonymous

Dear Joanne,

      It’s been a pleasure; I really enjoyed your reading. It was an inspiration and the insights gained are very reliable.
      Thank you for clarifying a number of questions for me and helping me to make the right future choices in my life
Love Blessings

~ Miranda H

Wonderful reading! Positive and exciting! Even negative items have a positive turn, and hope which it the characteristic of a good reader. Thank you – I’ll be back

~ Karen
Joanne’s reading was amazing. She was right on with souls who have passed and the messaged they had for me.

~ Vivian M
The accuracy of Joanne’s readings is very high. My readings (2) were “dead on” so to speak. The friends we recommended were very happy with their readings being almost 100%. Personally I will recommend Joanne to all my friends and relatives. She is just great! With thanks to Joanne and love and light

~ Octanan
Readings have been very valuable. Insights about the info materialized have encouraged friends to come and they ate thoroughly surprised and satisfied.
It’s been a real pleasure to work with Joanne. May our Creator continue to bless her and fulfill any unknown areas. Thanks for everything! Love and Light!

~ Helen
Yes, I certainly enjoyed Joanne. She told me many things that were right on. Would recommend her to anyone.

~ Susan
Joanne is a gifted spiritual and highly positive woman whom I have recently had the pleasure of meeting. She has provided me with valuable insights and hope. I feel that a great burden had been released from my soul and I trust whole heartedly the wisdom and guidance of Joanne’s precious words of inspiration.
I look forward to the realization of my future and an active pursuit of goals that have seemed fleeting for some time now. The clarity and power of Joanne’s works have embraced me, overwhelmed me, compelled a cathartic release – and I Thank you.
To a new friendship and spiritual relationship.

~ Christine M
I just had an awesome reading. She was so accurate with messages from my dead parents and brothers *his pipe showed up.
Very accurate about husband, son, daughter and grandchildren. Lots of love showed up and there’s lots of love in my life.
I will definitely come back again next year

~ Marie M
Joanne gave me a reading today and she blew me away with the information she was able to tell me.  She knew about a health condition I had and how to care for myself.  She told me things that only I and my family knew.  She  helped me sort out some experiences I was having and gave me wonderful guidance.  Joanne gave me suggestions on how to handle situations I was dealing with and they worked!  She was able to tell me who some of my spirit guides were and connected with my mother who had pasted away, which gave me great comfort.
I enjoyed my time with Joanne and look forward to seeing her again.  She is the real deal!!!
Thank you again Joanne,

~ Jennifer
I met Joanne online. She gave me a reading she was very accurate she also said I would meet a very special lady . She was redhead and I would meet her at a mall. I was skeptical since I do not go to mall then after she read me a lady contacted me and we talk she sent me her picture and I went wow she is cute she also a redhead and then she suggested we meet at a mall it blew me away. I am meeting her this weekend at the mall I will report on our meeting

Thank you Joanne!

~ Maurice
The reading I had with Joanne was amazing, more then just for kicks or to > see if this stuff works! To have someone you have never met in your lifetime > tell you things that no one would know besides you about either past or > present events and get them correct, then provide delicate > information/guidance for the future…. Its very impressive, almost mind > blowing! :-) Thanks again Joanne!

Thanks again Joanne!

~ Ethan W.
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading today. Your wisdom, kindness, guidance and insight were so helpful. Your insights into me, my wants, needs, and hopes were so accurate, it felt like you knew the real me. Your comments were so thought provoking and your warm way of expressing yourself without judgment made the reading so comfortable and easy to receive. You answered all my questions and connected so well to people and topics that meant a great deal to me. I feel so excited about the future knowing what's coming my way and I appreciate the astute guidance about what I need to work on within myself and my life to help bring about these positive changes. Your kind and supportive insights and affirmations were so appreciated, it was just all such a positive experience. Thank you so much.

~ Joan



"Hey, you read me a few times. Everything or most things you said came true. And a lot of stuff that already happened that you couldn't know you did know. That blows me away! You helped guide me & my family to where we needed to go. I thank you! Keep up the great work forever!"

God Bless,