- Spiritual Medium

I was 8 years old when I first started to watch my mom read family members with regular playing cards.  I realized her information was accurate all the time through the reaction of these family members.  At the age of 12, I realized my mom used the cards as a way to give messages to people.  My mom was receiving messages from souls on the other side, but did not realize what she had was a gift from heaven. 

At first, cards were a focus for me to relax.  When I became more secure in my ability, I started to practice letting the souls on the other side come through to me by meditating. My mother was the first soul to have come to me clearly after she passed. 

I found my energy getting stronger.  I did not need the cards any longer to help guide me through the messages.  Souls from the other side came in so clear. My mother continues to guide with all her love today. 

At times I have picked up on information for murder cases.  There is a special young lady who needs to be known as a saint.  Her name is Holly.  If you have children and they need help, just tell them to ask for St. Holly, she is there for them.  Holly is in heaven to help all children. 

My spiritual guide is Suzzie.  She is so beautiful.  She is another Angel in heaven.  Believe it or not Suzzie's favorite smell is the smell of a skunk.  I never knew why I loved that smell when I was a child, but now I do.  Suzzie has been beside me all my life guiding me.  Whenever I smell a skunk, I am reminded she is around me.  I love her.  I thank her for watching over me. 

Receiving messages from heaven above is all "Soul Choice" or call it "free will".  Essentially no one can tell you what to do.  Your soul decides what it wants to do.  Remember this is guidance.  Readings are guidance.  I believe in the information I give, I watch everything come together through validation from those whom I have read.  The more souls open to change and love, the faster everything comes in its place. 

Gods timing is always perfect!

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