I'm a spiritual medium. I am in tune with & pick up your loved ones who have passed on to the other side. What we all know of as heaven. This gift came to me from a higher power when I was young but I did not understand it then. So 11 years ago I changed my life. I let the other side in and became a messenger for those who need guidance. Through this I started guiding other souls for God. On this earth we are people, but when I talk to you, you are a soul.

I relay messages from your loved ones, who are souls that left us just until we meet again. I love what I do, I enjoy what messages are given to souls.

This is not a game to me, I take each message serious, the way that it was meant to be given. I won't tell you just what you like to hear, I tell you what those above & those who love you, want you to know.

We all look for answers in our lives. Some of us already have the answers but just need a touch of love from someone who has past on. If you are looking for this guidance from the other side, I would love to be in that moment of your life to help you find what it is you are looking for or what it is your loved ones would like for you to know. Sometimes it is not a loved one who guides you to me, but the higher power itself.

My faith in God is secure and I believe that God guides each one of us together here on earth as it is in heaven...

God bless
Joanne Sicard
Soul Choice Medium